Welcome to Independent Workwear sellers Australia

IWS is a leading Australian buying group set up for sellers of Industrial Workwear, Corporate Wear  and associated products. Every day we are giving independent businesses a competitive edge when going up against direct suppliers and vertical operators.

We have 2 main objectives…... Lower buying prices for members & higher volumes for Suppliers.


Independent Workwear Sellers (IWS) is a buying group created for independent sellers of Industrial Workwear, Corporate Wear, PPE and associated products.

We commenced operation in 1997 (formerly called Workmates) with 8 member stores in NSW.  The 8 inaugural members were battling to stay competitive against larger players trying to move in and win business by undercutting prices.  Realising that there was strength to be gained by joining together they formed a group and negotiated with suppliers to get on to an even playing field.  The group progressed slowly and managed to achieve a lot for a small group and gradually grew in numbers.  In September 2011 the group realised that to move forward  and become a meaningful player in the Workwear Industry they would have to restructure and IWS was born.  Since then we have grown quickly and we now have members in 5 states with a plan to grow our membership nationally to 200 stores.
To date we have deals in place with 34 key suppliers to the industry and are in negotiations with suppliers in areas that we don’t have covered.
All members are independently owned and operated businesses.  And whilst IWS has fostered a strong culture of support and co-operation between its members, we restrict our formal role to that of a buying group.  We do not actively involve ourselves in marketing or other activities.


We are a very transparent group.  All our dealings are fully disclosed to Members  and Suppliers.
We have only two key objectives:-
1.    For our members – Lower buying prices and higher margins.
2.    For our suppliers – Higher volumes.
Some important side-benefits include our member meetings which provide an excellent informal forum for the exchange of ideas and information between members.  Our suppliers also invited to these meetings as an opportunity to present new products and build personal relationships.  We also have group Skype chats set up to enable members to  instantly access information from each other.

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